Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Muslims shouldn't work at alcohol serving outlets

I, like many other Muslims, fail to see what the fuss is all about over the ruling by Subang Jaya Municipal Council to disallow Muslims from working at liquor serving entertainment outlets.

Most Muslims would have been dumbfounded by now by the statements from non-Muslim politicians from both sides of the divide. It seems, this issue has united both of them, just as some of the Muslim issues have united Muslim politicians.

Yet, this issue has got nothing to do with non-Muslim's right to enjoy Malaysia's most favourite drink.

The question I would ask those critics who lambasted MPSJ is this: would you want your sons and daughters to become bartenders and to work at such outlets?

Like the non-Muslims, we Muslims too have aspirations for our children. We do not want them to just become burger vendors, security guards and nasi lemak sellers the rest of their lives.

We want a good education for our children, and because of that, we support this ruling, because it would make them think about their responsibility as Muslims to earn a livelihood that is blessed by Allah and to live a life in accordance with the Quran.

Do the non-Muslim politicians who are worried about this rule have any business interests? Do they think these bars and pubs could not operate without Muslims' participation?

Pray, tell us why non-Muslim youths end up doing jobs which are more dignified and which give them better incomes, despite some of them not doing well in their academic life?

If the non-Muslims think that this new rule is the prelude to more Islamisation, then let the answer be yes. This Islamisation does not at all affect non-Muslims, other than those who would like to make use of these poor and innocent Muslim youths who could not get a decent job to make a living out of something which their religion forbids them.

Yes, we would not want Muslim life to be regimented by the powers that be, but we also do not want the non-Muslims to tell us how to live our life.

I hope the non-Muslim leaders, particularly in Pakatan Rakyat's state government in Selangor, will try to put themselves in our shoes.

Would you want your children to become bartenders to support their families? Would you want them to be masseuses, GROs, casino helpers?

It seems that these leaders have not learned why they still fail to get the confidence among Muslims despite their frequenting of mosques and suraus!

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